Vacay in the Woods

Written by Rachel Robinson


Posted on June 28 2018

If you've ever been interested in booking a cabin in the woods in Broken Bow, OK.... Do it!

The hubs and I usually take a couple of vacations a year and we had nothing on the books for 2018, so we thought it was a perfect time to take a spur of the moment vacay to Broken Bow, OK (the cabins are actually in a small town outside of Broken Bow called Hochatown). We've always heard great things about the cabins, but have never stayed at one. The cabin we stayed at was Cider Mill. It was a little smaller and perfect for the two of us and had everything we needed. I say that because some people never leave their cabins, they cook every meal, etc. at the cabin. We're a little more adventurous, so staying in a cabin would be great, but eventually we would get cabin fever! The cabin itself had beautiful white granite countertops, a loft, a cozy fireplace, an outdoor sitting area with fireplace, hot tub, and another outdoor sitting area around a campfire. Since we booked during their off-season, we received a great deal which was buy two nights, get one free! If you like quiet life, this is the time to go because nothing was crowded.
This is the hot tub! Definitely our favorite, we hung out there everyday! 
Adventure! It was a little colder than we expected, so we didn't do any hiking, etc., but we did drive around the lake and Ouachita National Forest. We saw a couple trout fishing in this stream and I think my husband would love to do that sometime. If you love being outdoors, visiting Hockatown when the weather is warmer would be perfect!  There are lots of outdoorsy activities to do like hanging out at the lake, going on a boat tour, fishing, zip lining, and hiking. I think we will go when it's a little warmer next time so we can do some of the outdoorsy activities!
Now, onto my favorite things... Wine and Food!!!

But first, coffee... We cooked breakfast at the cabin every morning and then grabbed a coffee from a great coffee shop called Okie Girls Coffee and Ice Cream. I asked the girl working what her favorite was and she recommended a latte with salted caramel powder. I had her add english toffee syrup and it was amazing! Hey, when on vacay! :) Hochatown has several wineries, including
Girls Gone Wine (my fav)! We spent one day sampling wine and beer. If you know my husband, once we hit the Mountain Fork Brewery it was all over. My husband chatted them up for a couple of hours and we tried several of their beers. My favorite was Timber Creek Ale. They are having a release party at the Patriarch in Edmond, OK on March 16th! We are going to try and make it, these guys were so nice to us! We did try to book an Escape Game, but it was closed the only night we could do it. 

My husband and I LOVE to eat and we ate at four restaurants while we were in Hochatown and we were not disappointed with any of them. We give them all two or should I say, four thumbs up! The first place we ate at was the Blue Rooster. Well, we actually ate there twice and I had a cheeseburger both times, it was delicious! The next place was the Grateful Head Pizza. As huge music lovers we loved the name and all the music décor, but the pizza was legit! We tried the pig pen, which is a pepperoni lovers pizza. They also have the good ranch. ;) I forgot to mention earlier that we ate at the Mountain Fork Brewery while we were there and it has good pub food. Since we visited during Valentines Day, we decided to step it up our last night and dined at a little fancier place, Abendigos. It was decorated for Valentines Day and had a nice romantic feel to it, so it was perfect for date night! I had the chicken Madeira and it was excellent! Every time my husband and I go out we have a little competition of who can choose the best meal and mine won hands down! Oh and another important detail, all of the restaurants have large outdoor patios, perfect for hanging out and enjoying drinks! ;)

If you're still hanging in there, sorry this ended up so lengthy. I wanted to give a good review and idea of our experience. If you're thinking of visiting Broken Bow (Hochatown), I recommend it! It's a gem tucked away in Oklahoma. If you have any questions, let me know.

Happy Travels!



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